PHOTOS: Beautiful Venice Canals in California Turn Into Drug Addict and Homeless Shanty Town

The homeless situation in California is out of control.
Now even the beautiful Venice canals are infested with homeless.

Gateway Pundit reader Ari David sent these photos earlier today.

The government instructs us not to feed the animals but people are supposed to thrive when attracted by welfare?

Democrats suck and then your city dies.


This is because of Democrat Mayor Garcetti, Governor Brown, Congressman Ted Lieu, Senator Kamala Harris, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and LA City Councilman Mike Bonin refusing to enforce vagrancy laws and curb the programs that lure and allow bums and heroin addicts to shoot up in public IN FRONT OF CHILDREN!!


Another shot from Venice.  This was taken a couple blocks from the canal near a grocery store.

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