Pamela Anderson Pens Letter to Kanye West Asking Him to Support Julian Assange

As Julian Assange continues to be isolated from the world, Pamela Anderson has reached out to Kanye West asking him to help shine light on the injustice.

In the letter, Anderson wrote “I was wondering about your thoughts on Julian Assange. I support him and I know you value free Speech. Visibility is good for him especially in America. Where they are trying to put him away for life or worse for exposing corruption in governments. I think they are trying to kill him. It is Torture.”

On March 25, Ecuador caved to pressure from the United States and Spanish governments to isolate Assange by revoking his right to have visitors, make phone calls or use the internet.

“He’s been locked in a small room for almost 6 years in London at the Ecuadorian Embassy. And He now can have no visitors. No Phone calls or internet. They are squeezing him. He is genius. A real world leader that young people love,” the letter continued. She added that “public support could set him free.”

The WikiLeaks founder entered the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on June 19, 2012. Since that time, UK efforts to detain Assange have cost the government some $10 million to date, though no budget breakdown has ever been provided.

Anderson’s letter also applauded West’s wife Kim Kardashian for going fur-free.

The bombshell activist was one of the signatories on an open letter published on the Gateway Pundit last month calling for Assange’s freedom, along with Ron Paul, Roger Stone and Doug Stafford, the Chief Strategist for Senator Rand Paul.

The United Kingdom has refused to acknowledge the findings of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD), which found that he is being arbitrarily and unlawfully detained and must be immediately released and compensated.


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