Ouch! Ben Shapiro Orders Candace Owens and Kanye West to Cancel Infowars Interview — CANDACE OWENS RESPONDS

This was weird.
A couple of weekends ago Ben Shapiro went on with CNN’s Brian Setzer to discuss issues and hurl insults at Trump.

Then today Ben Shapiro ordered Kanye West and conservative Candace Owens to cancel their interview with Alex Jones on Infowars.

Ben hates the Trump populist movement who supported Donald Trump as president.


Since the election Ben and several members of the GOPe continue to ridicule those conservative leaders who supported Donald Trump for president.
In fact it is quite clear that the Republican elites and the Democrats have the same goal — to destroy the Trump movement.

Alex Jones and Infowars supported Donald Trump.
Ben hates this.

Today Ben ordered black conservative Candace Owens and Kanye West to cancel their segment on Infowars.

Later today Candace Owens responded to Ben Shapiro’s marching orders.

That had to hurt.

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