Oregon Gun Ban Petition Meets MASS RESISTANCE

The Oregon gun confiscation ballot initiative, petition #43, has passed the first hurdle with the Oregon Secretary of State. After gathering 3400 signatures during the weekend of the “March For Our Lives” astroturf photo op “protests”, not even 1000 of the signatures were valid. In Oregon, 1000 “sponsorship” signatures are required for a proposed ballot initiative. They eventually got more signatures and turned them in on April 17th. After the signatures were verified, they were given a “draft ballot title”.  In Oregon, during the “draft ballot title” phase, any elector (registered voter) can comment on the ballot title and argue for or against the title for a bevy of different reasons.

And boy did Oregon gun owners comment. BIGLY.

The Secretary Of State’s office reports that over 1000 comments were submitted contesting the title and the initiative itself. Anyone who submitted a comment has standing to appeal the title in the state Supreme Court. The comments are public record on the SOS website, and the .pdf document contains a whopping 1573 pages. The Secretary Of State says they never get more than a dozen comments about a ballot initiative, making this a historic turnout.

While there’s no telling how long it will take for this phase of the paper shuffling, the next step for the ballot initiative is that they will be given a “certified ballot title” at some point, and they cannot hit the streets gathering the rest of the 88,000+ required signatures until that happens.

IP 43 would result in a ban in roughly 95% of the firearms currently out there, forcing gun owners to turn them in. Any semi automatic gun, be it pistol or rifle, that is “capable” of accepting a magazine that holds 10 or more rounds would be banned, along with any such magazine, be it a fixed magazine or detachable. This means these people, led by controversial “pastor” and leftist activist Mark Knutson, literally want to toss grampa into prison for having a piece of plastic with a spring in it.

Oregon gun owners are mad and ready to stand for their rights against a small throng of sick, perverse, but well funded, anti civil rights hypocrites. Oregon Firearms Federation is on the front line of the battle and provides continuous updates on their website and facebook page.


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