O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN=> Ohio Teachers Union Presidents Defend Physical, Sexual, Verbal Abuse of Children “Sh*t Happens” (VIDEO)

O’Keefe strikes again!

On Tuesday, Project Veritas released undercover video of Ohio Teachers Union Presidents defending physical, sexual and verbal abuse of children.

This is a part of a larger, nationwide investigation Project Veritas is conducting.

Via Project Veritas:

(Ohio) Project Veritas has released undercover video of Bill Siegferth, Tom Schmida, and David Romick – all current or former teachers union presidents –admitting that they have protected and defended union members that have abused students.

The videos were filmed on April 25, 2018 in offices all across Ohio. Siegferth, a former president and current consultant for the NEA-affiliated Akron Education Association, states that the unions have defended all sorts of abuse:

“This is not new I mean I’ve had teachers in physical altercations with kids, sexual altercations with kids, verbal altercations with kids, violating the professional standards rules and other ways that don’t involve kids and it’s, s**t happens. You know?”

David Romick, Dayton Education Association: “in cases of physical contact, I’ve probably deal with this… over 80 times” With Zero Terminations

Teacher Didn’t Apologize for Abuse: “that’s probably a good thing…it’s an admission and we don’t want that right now”

Child Won’t Report Abuse: “It’s like if somebody breaks into your house and steals your weed, you’re not going to report, you know what I mean?”

Tom Schmida, Cleveland Heights Teachers Union: “I could probably lessen the damage around the push [more] than I could the N-word.”

Abuse of “bad kids” Easy to Defend: More Likely To Create “trumped up” Accusations

Project Veritas gets results.

Two teachers union presidents have been suspended as a result of O’Keefe’s undercover videos exposing their practice of protecting teachers who abuse students.
Teachers unions are terrified of O’Keefe. The AFT of Michigan recently took O’Keefe to court to prevent him from releasing a damaging undercover video. 

VIDEO via Project Veritas:

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe points out Obama honored this teachers union president at the White House in 2013 for being a “champion of change.”

You can support James O’Keefe and Project Veritas by clicking here.

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