O’Keefe Strikes Again=> MI Union Boss Neglects Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse “I Don’t Want You to Get Investigated” (VIDEO)

O’Keefe strikes again!

Last week, Project Veritas released undercover video and documents that revealed the American Federation of Teachers union of Michigan protected a male teacher who was accused of sexually molesting a 7-year-old girl.

On Monday, Project Veritas released undercover footage of Michigan Union Boss, Nick Nugent neglecting mandatory reporting of child abuse.

Via Project Veritas:

 Project Veritas has released more undercover footage from inside teachers union offices. The video features Nick Nugent, Executive Director of the South Oakland Districts Association for the Michigan Education Association, apparently violating Michigan Child Protection Law regarding mandated reporting.

On April 24th 2018 at Nugent’s office in Lathrup Village, Michigan, a Project Veritas undercover journalist posed as a MEA member who pushed a student down in class, knocking the student’s head against the edge of the board. The MEA official explained the union’s position to protect the member who abused a student:

“This is a tough one because, if we report it you’re gonna get investigated. And I don’t want you to get investigated.”

Nugent then advises the teacher to “wait it out” and “take some time off” because “the longer the time goes on, the [student’s wound] will heal.”

Later in the meeting, Nugent explains that the “worst-case scenario” for the teacher would be an investigation that would bring the teacher up on tenure charges. The process, Nugent explains, would involve a settlement agreement the union would help negotiate:

“With that you do what we call a settlement agreement. You choose to resign, and they will pay you out a certain amount of money… The soonest they would get a hearing is probably October, November. And they would have to continue to pay your health care.”

Nick Nugent also expressed his fear the teacher may lose their tenure.

The union boss then bragged about past coverups:

“I’ve had where teachers have pushed kids and pushed them down and it hasn’t come out… I’ve had it where, like I had a coach one time, and he’s a teacher too, you know push a kid, I mean push him down on the ground. It was reported, and then he ended up with a six-day suspension.”

Monday’s undercover video is a part of a very large investigation by Project Veritas.

O’Keefe gets results!

Because of Project Veritas’ undercover videos exposing teachers unions covering up child abuse, two New Jersey union presidents, Dr. David Perry and Kathleen Valencia have been suspended.

The videos led to bipartisan-supported calls for legislative hearings into the conduct of the NJEA, reported Project Veritas.


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