Obama Takes Jab at Trump: “I Did Not Have Scandals as President” …(Benghazi, IRS Targeting, Spygate, Fast and Furious…)

Former President Barack Obama of Spygate fame took a swipe at President Trump in a Wednesday speech.

Obama bragged to an audience that he “did not have scandals” as president.

Newsweek reported:

President Barack Obama took a light swing at his successor during a tech conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday. His eight years in office were scandal free, he told the audience.

“I didn’t have scandals, which seems like it shouldn’t be something you brag about,” Obama joked.

President Donald Trump’s presidency has thus far been racked with scandalous allegations, but Obama later hedged his barb. “But actually,” he said, “if you look at the history of the modern presidency, coming out of the modern presidency without anybody going to jail is really good. It’s a big deal.”

The reason his presidency was relatively controversy free, he said, was because he was accepting of bad news. “No one in my White House ever got in trouble for screwing up as long there wasn’t malicious intent behind it,” he said.

A federal judge awarded a $3.5 million settlement to Tea Party groups two weeks ago for Obama IRS targeting.

The Spygate scandal may be the largest political scandal in US history.


Newsweek failed to correct Obama for his lies — which goes hand-in-hand with his “scandal free” claims.

Here’s a short list of Obama scandals and lies.

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