NYC’s Corrupt Mayor De Blasio To Withhold Money From Museums If They’re Not “Diverse” Enough

When De Blasio and his clownish associates’ arent beating women, smoking weed, and illegally carrying weapons,  they’re generating some of the nation’s absolute worst policy.

This time, De Blasio is proposing the city base museum funding on how brown for female their board members are Rather than awarding funding based on the quality of work, or curation. A staggeringly racist and archaic move that will no doubt harm the arts in a city known for them, has called the Orwellian policy his “cultural plan” for New York.

More via New York Times:

Asked to explain the city’s new, tougher stance on diversity, Mr. Finkelpearl said in an email on Wednesday: “Today’s announcement requiring diversity reporting from city-funded groups is the next step, building on everything we’ve learned to date to work toward a cultural sector that is fairer, more equitable and looks like the city it serves.” […]

Several board leaders of major museums did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Yet some city officials were quick to go on the offensive against any potential opposition.

“There are people who will resist, who will resent, who will obstruct,” said Melissa Mark-Viverito, the City Council speaker. “Any moment for equality and inclusion doesn’t come easily.” […]

Diversity was emphasized throughout the cultural plan. A study conducted by the Cultural Affairs Department last year found that 67 percent of city residents identify as members of minorities, yet only 38 percent of employees at cultural organizations belong to those groups.

Ben Shapiro, at the Daily Wire, wrote a piece today condemning the “cultural plan”, saying “The totalitarianism of the Left won’t stop at crackdowns on political viewpoints (Governor Andrew Cuomo famously said conservatives weren’t welcome in his state). It extends to art, too. Mao had his cultural revolution, and Maoist-lite De Blasio will have his as well.”


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