#NeverTrumper Glenn Beck – Who Regularly Accused Trump Supporters of Being Nazis – Jumps on Trump Train (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck ruined his reputation and career by endorsing Hillary Clinton for President and comparing Trump supporters to Nazis

** Glenn Beck Regularly Compared Trump Supporters to Nazis

** Glenn Beck warned CNN of Trump’s Alt-Right Racist, Nazi, KKK Threat

** Glenn Beck accused Steve Bannon of clear ties to white nationalists.

** Glenn Beck said voting for “sociopath” Trump brings “eternal consequences”

** Glenn Beck ENDORSED Hillary Clinton for President.

Donald Trump won in a landslide.

On Thursday Glenn Beck put on a Trump #MAGA hat and endorsed the Republican president.

It took him a year-and-a-half to endorse President Trump.

At the end of his confession Glenn Beck asked forgiveness from Donald Trump.
What about his “Nazi” supporters, Glenn?

Mark Dice makes a good point.

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