Nancy Pelosi Defends MS-13, Trashes Trump — ‘There’s a Spark of Divinity in Every Human Being” (VIDEO)

The liberal media ran a disgusting smear on Wednesday against President Trump while defending MS-13 killers.

The media claimed President Trump called all immigrants “animals” when he was very clearly discussing MS-13 gang members.
Here’s the video:

But leave it to Nancy Pelosi to push this smear 24 hours later.

Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of calling all illegal aliens “animals.”
This is a lie.

Pelosi defended MS-13 saying there’s a spark of divinity in every human being.

Trump called MS-13 killers “animals”…and Nancy Pelosi knows it. She doesn’t care.

This is what the GOP is up against — liars and cheats. And yet GOP elites believe these people have the public’s interest at heart.

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