MUST SEE=> Little Boy Steals Hearts at President Trump’s Signing ‘Right to Try’ Into Law (VIDEO)

Oh my gosh!
This is one of the cutest things you will see in months!

A little boy joined his family today in the White House where President Trump signed into law his “Right to Try” legislation.

Update: The boy’s name is Jordan McLinn and he is a Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patient.


The new law will allow those with potentially terminal diseases to try experimental treatments and bypass the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

During the signing the little boy tried to get the president’s attention.

The boy scooted up next to the president but the president didn’t see him.

Then when the president spotted the boy he grabbed him and gave him a kiss.

This was so sweet!

A young boy attempts several times to nab Pres. Trump’s attention during signing of the “Right to Try Act”—and finally succeeds in getting a hug from the president – ABC

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