Mueller’s Office Releases Statement of Expenditures Revealing MILLIONS of Dollars Wasted on Russia Witch Hunt

The Office of Special Counsel released a statement of expenditures on Thursday revealing over $4.5 million has been flushed down the toilet in just a 6 month period hunting Russian ghosts.

This $4.5 million is in addition to the $6.7 million the Special Counsel cost the first five months. Add to that other Department of Justice costs ‘related to Russia’ which brings the figure even higher to what Politico estimates to be $17 million total spent on the Russia probe.

Page one shows an itemized list of expenditures for the period October 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.

Over $2.7 million for salaries and benefits for Mueller’s team of liberal hack lawyers in just a 6 month period!


Taxpayers are being punished simply because Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

Not to mention the lives devastated and destroyed by Mueller.

Page two showing notes to statement of expenditures:

To this date, the FBI has not done a forensic inspection of the crime scene–the DNC servers, yet here we are forking out millions of dollars for an obvious witch hunt.

This entire witch hunt exists because AG Sessions decided to recuse himself the first day on the job.

Mueller and Rosenstein should be fired and prosecuted not only for their years of crimes and cover-ups, but for this costly, unconstitutional witch hunt.

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