MORE DEEP STATE LIES! Lawmakers Nunes and Gowdy DID NOT RECEIVE Unredacted Documents They Sought From DOJ-FBI Today

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes and Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy headed into a meeting at 2 PM EST with senior Justice Department, FBI and intelligence officials on Thursday to view classified documents and discuss Spygate.

Devin Nunes was spotted earlier today entering the meeting at the Department of Justice.

Nunes demanded the Justice Department hand over the unredacted memo outlining the scope of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s authority and the name of the FBI secret informant inside Trump’s campaign in 2016.

There were two meetings today.
One meeting was at noon with Nunes, Gowdy and DOJ and FBI officials.

The second meeting was with the Gang of 8 bipartisan leaders and the FBI and DOJ.

According to Sarah Westwood, the CNN White House reporter, Representatives Nunes and Gowdy were not given the documents they were promised.

A “source” told Westwood this item.

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