MIRACLE IN GAZA! Young Crippled Hamas Protester on Crutches Suddenly Learns to Run! (VIDEO)

It’s a miracle!
Yesterday after several years of promises President Donald Trump moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.
The Hamas terrorist group planned mass protests on the historic occasion.

Hamas terror chief Yahya Sinwar announced what he hoped would be hundreds of thousands of protesters storming the Israeli border with Gaza on Monday.
Israeli soldiers repelled the invasion from Gaza across their border.

At least 60 Hamas supporters were reportedly killed when they tried to storm the border with Israel.
Several hundred were injured.


The US blamed Hamas for the deaths.

But there was one miracle on Embassy day.

A crippled Palestinian learned to walk and run on Monday.

The entire scene was captured on video.
Via Yanki:

More… Hamas uses children as human shields as they storm the Israeli border.

Protesters storm the border.

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