MICHAEL SAVAGE: Did Giuliani Work Behind the Scenes to Take Down Schneiderman as a Message to Mueller?

Conservative radio host and best selling author, Dr. Michael Savage asked his audience this week, “How did Schneiderman fall so fast?”

Why did former New York AG Eric Schneiderman get taken down now after his abuse of women was known to many for several years? Why now?

Michael Savage has many theories about Schneiderman’s fall at lightning speed:

Who got Schneiderman to fall so fast? It’s not that he fell, it’s the rate at which he fell. It happened in one day. One article in The New Yorker and he was gone by the evening.

Was it the Trump team? Was it Weinstein’s team? Was it Cuomo’s team or was it well let us say another team?

The harder they come, the harder they fall. I think that the Schneiderman fall is a direct threat against Mueller incidentally. Don’t assume he’s above the law. Don’t assume he has no skeletons in his closet; everybody does.

Reportedly, Schneiderman was also working with special counsel Robert Mueller in his pursuit of Trump campaign associates tangential to his original mandate to find Russian collusion. And many Democrats are worried that Trump might pardon some of his former allies, many of whom are from New York such as his former lawyer. So they put their faith in none other than Schneiderman who they hoped would cut Trump associates down on the state law which is not covered by presidential pardons.

We could assume when I asked the question who got this man to fall so fast we could say it could be the Trump team which means it could be Giuliani. Giuliani could be playing the drunk on television meanwhile behind the scenes he was cutting down one of the internal enemies; that’s a possibility.

It could be Weinstein’s people with lots of money, lots of power, lots of favors. In the Democrat circles, they all date the same women, they all go to the same charity events, they all buy art from the same art dealers, they all launder their crimes under the guise of liberalism.

Schneiderman fell hard last week. Within hours of the New Yorker Magazine publishing its article on his abuse of several women, the AG resigned and the Manhattan DA opened an investigation.

Giuliani is well connected in New York and Schneiderman’s downfall happened shortly after he came on board as a part of Trump’s legal team.

Was Giuliani sending a message to Mueller?

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