Lindsey Graham To Chinese Ambassador: Trump is ‘Crazy’

During a speech at the Columbia Rotary Club, Senator Lindsey Graham recalled telling the Chinese ambassador that President Donald Trump is crazy.

“If you don’t think Trump’s crazy, then you’re crazy,” Graham recalled telling the ambassador at the event.

According to Post and Courier Columbia Bureau Chief Andy Shain, Graham also called the president “a handful” and “volatile.”


It wasn’t all bad, according to his reporting, as Graham also reportedly called President Trump a “genius.” He has recently said that he will be supporting him in 2020 and signed on to a letter calling for him to receive a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in denuclearization North Korea.

Graham also discussed the Robert Mueller investigation into the Trump campaign and said that it needs to proceed. He added that there also needs to be an investigation in the DOJ and FBI for their handling of the Hilalry Clinton email scandal.

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