Khamenei Threatens Trump in Tweet Storm: “This Man’s Corpse Will Be Worm Food While IRI Stands Strong”

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday the UN will exit the Iranian nuclear deal – the JCPOA.

President Trump then signed an executive order to exit Obama and Kerry’s disastrous Iran nuclear weapons deal.

In response to Trump’s decision the Iranian parliament burned US flags and chanted “Death to America!”

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei went off on President Trump in a tweet storm on Wednesday night.

Ayatollah Khamenei threatened the US president: “Mr. Trump, you couldn’t lift a finger if you tried”


Khamenei then added, “This man’s corpse will also be worm food while IRI stands strong.”

Ayatollah Khamenei: Last night you heard the shallow statements Trump made. There were several lies in his speech. He threatened the Iranian govt. and the Iranian nation, claiming he would do one thing or another. On behalf of Iranian nation: “Mr. Trump, you couldn’t lift a finger if you tried.” — U.S. pres.’s shallow & ludicrous behavior wasn’t unexpected. The same behavior existed in previous US presidents. Yet, Iranian nation is persistent while former U.S. presidents passed away & IRI is still standing. This man’s corpse will also be worm food while IRI stands strong. — A few days ago Trump wrote a letter to leaders of #PersianGulf states, which was revealed to us. He wrote: “I spent $7 trillion and you must do something in return.” The U.S. wants to own humiliated slaves. The reason for the U.S.’s enmity towards the Islamic Republic’s establishment is that the United States had thorough domination over Iran, but the Islamic Revolution severed its hands from Iran. — Nuclear energy is a necessity for the country; according to experts, in the next few years the country will need 20K megawatts of nuclear-generated electricity made by nuclear plants. U.S.’s problem with Iran is not the nuclear energy; that’s just an excuse. We accepted the #JCPOA but animosities towards the Islamic Republic never ended.” If we agree with them on the issue of our presence in the region and our missiles, the U.S.’s problem with Iran won’t be over. The U.S. will create a new problem. — I don’t trust these three EU countries either. If the govt. wants to make a contract, they should ask for a guarantee, or else they will all do just as the U.S. did. If there’s not definite guarantee, the #JCPOA cannot continue.

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