Joe diGenova: Mueller Has No Authority Under Federal Law to Issue Presidential Subpoena to Get Testimony to Prompt Impeachment (VIDEO)

Former US Attorney, Joe diGenova blasted Robert Mueller over his presidential subpoena threat in his Fox News appearance with Tucker Carlson Wednesday evening. 

Joe diGenova even taunted Mueller and told him to go ahead and issue Trump a subpoena because it will be unconstitutional and illegal.

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova told Tucker Carlson the point of the Mueller investigation is to make sure Trump is a one term president.

They are going for impeachment; they want the Democrats to take Congress as well.

Joe diGenova taunted Mueller, “Go ahead. Please issue the subpoena because it will be an unconstitutional subpoena and an illegal subpoena.”

“There is no authority under federal law to issue a subpoena to a president of the United States to get testimony from him so it can be used at an impeachment proceeding,” diGenova continued.


The Washington Post reported Tuesday Mueller raised the prospect of presidential subpoena in a recent meeting with Trump’s legal team.

In a tense meeting in early March with the special counsel, President Trump’s lawyers insisted he had no obligation to talk with federal investigators probing Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

But special counsel Robert S. Mueller III responded that he had another option if Trump declined: He could issue a subpoena for the president to appear before a grand jury, according to four people familiar with the encounter.

Mueller’s warning — the first time he is known to have mentioned a possible subpoena to Trump’s legal team — spurred a sharp retort from John Dowd, then the president’s lead lawyer.

A list of questions Mueller sent Trump’s legal team leaked Tuesday to The New York Times.

Mueller has over 45 questions for Trump that have nothing to do with Russia collusion.

Two of the more outrageous questions Mueller wants to ask Trump is why he continues to “criticize” Comey and McCabe. Seriously? It’s none of Mueller’s business.

Dirty cop Mueller also wants to know who Trump discussed Sessions’ May 31, 2017 resignation with. Again, none of Mueller’s damn business.

President Trump is allowed to criticize whomever he wants to and he’s allowed to hire and fire his appointees, according to the Constitution.

Shut the witch hunt down already!

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