James Woods is Enjoying the Ben Rhodes Election Night “Beta Male Weep Fest” as Much as We Are

A new documentary shows the moment far left Obama hack Ben Rhodes found out Hillary Clinton got shellacked in the election.

It’s hilarious.

Liberal tears are delicious.


Here is a one minute clip from the HBO documentary showing Obama hack Ben Rhodes slack-jawed and speechless over Hillary’s election loss.


It looks like Ben Rhodes fell for all the fake polls pushed out by the fake news.

Patriotic actor James Woods got a kick out of the video and trolled Ben Rhodes Wednesday evening calling the Obama hack a “beta male.”

Woods tweeted: It’s like replaying a scene from your favorite movie again and again and again. I don’t think there is a full minute of video I love as much as this… #BenRhodes #SlowMotionMeltdown #BetaMaleWeepFest

People started adding different songs to the video which only added to the fun.

James Woods tweeted over a video of Ben Rhodes melting down to a song from Titanic with a caption. “Beyond…”

Another person tweeted the Ben Rhodes video to the tune of The Sound of Silence:

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