Is It OK to Question Hamas-Supporting Mother Who Brought 8-Month-Old Baby to Rally to Storm Israeli Border?

Is anyone going to question this?
Or is this one of those stories that is off limits to question in any way?

The international media reported this week that 8-month old Leila Al-Ghandour, a Palestinian baby in Gaza, died of tear gas inhalation east of Gaza City.

This reportedly took place on Monday during the mass protests organized by the Hamas terrorist group on the Israeli border with Gaza.

Hamas announced the violent demonstrations days before they were held.

Then on Monday Hamas urged thousands of protesters to storm the Israeli border.
The international media claims over 60 people were killed in the violence — including an 8-month-old baby.

Hamas admitted 50 of 58 victims on Monday were Hamas operatives.

Who brings a baby to violent protests to storm across an international border?

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