Intimidation? CBS Reporter Major Garrett Implies Sarah Sanders Faces Legal Jeopardy for Press Briefings

Major Garrett, Chief White House Correspondent for CBS News, implied White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders faces legal jeopardy for statements she has made to the press. This writer is hard-pressed to recall any previous White House press secretary who has ever been threatened like this by the media or federal investigators.

CBS News proudly posted a video clip of Garrett trying to intimidate Sanders during Thursday’s press briefing that was dominated by questions about Rudy Giuliani’s statements made Wednesday night about the Stormy Daniels payment by Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s private attorney, that Giuliani said were later reimbursed by Trump.

CBS video clip:

“When you say you gave the best information at the time & it turns out not to be correct or accurate, are you then trying to limit the liability that you may encounter by not dealing with any of the questions now, pushing it all off because you say it’s ongoing litigation?”


Major Garrett: “When you’ve given answers around this general topic you gave us the best information you had at the time. Now it appears your position is you’re not going to comment because it’s ongoing litigation. Have you been advised not to wade into this to protect yourself from any potential legal exposure by giving either false information or information that proves later not to be able to be withstood in court?”

Sarah Sanders: “No, but I would always advise against giving false information. And as a person of human decency I do my best to give correct information…”

Garrett: (Talking over Sanders) “But the point of Jonathan’s question before, when you say before that you gave the best information you had at the time…”

Sanders: (Interjecting) “And I continue to do that today.”

Garrett: “But it turns out not to be correct or accurate are you then trying to limit the liability that you may encounter by not dealing with any of those questions now and pushing it all off because you says it’s all ongoing litigation?”

Sanders, “Again, I’m giving the best information I have. Some information…”

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