HUGE!! IG Has NO POWER TO SUBPOENA Former Obama Employees — That’s Why Rosenstein Asked Him to Investigate Spying on Trump

On Sunday evening, Justice Department Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein asked Inspector General Horowitz to investigate whether there was “impropriety or political motivation” into the FBI’s infiltration of Trump’s campaign.

This came just hours after President Trump demanded a review of whether Obama’s Deep State FBI did indeed spy on his campaign.

Rod Rosenstein asked Inspector General Horowitz to investigate the spying on the Trump campaign.


Now we know why Rosenstein gave this investigation to the Inspector General.

Rosenstein knew the IG investigation could take months to complete.
And… Rosenstein knew the IG has no power to subpoena former Obama employees involved in the scandal.

Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova: Here’s the problem with Mr. Horowitz. He cannot interview any of the people who have left the Department of Justice or FBI. He has no subpoena authority. So all of the people who were part of the plot and were in DOJ and FBI are gone. He can’t talk to them.

Via Hannity:

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