“Grieving” Woman Attacks Candace Owens Over “Dumb*ss” Agenda — Ends Up Being Complete Liar and George Soros Open Society Hack

Earlier today Turning Point USA spokeswoman Candace Owens tweeted out a question about single women.

Candace Owens: Interesting theory presented to me at lunch. Do you guys think something bio-chemically happens to women who don’t marry and/or have children? Evidentiary support: @chelseahandler @kathygriffin @SarahKSilverman

Soon after her tweet a “grieving” woman attacked Candace and her “dumb*ss” comments.

Elizabeth Guernsey wrote: The man I loved and would have married died in a car accident 20 mins after leaving my house. I never married or had kids. @RealCandaceO—Maybe you should think twice before making dumbass comments to promote a hateful agenda.

That’s when investigative reporter Thomas Wictor went to work:

Thomas posted Candace’s response to Elizabeth Guernsey: Really sorry to hear about your tragic loss.
That said, I feel compelled to retweet this because this is such a prime example of how liberals debate. Victomhood as a means to shut down conversation.

Thomas then went to work. The “grieving” woman Elizabeth Guernsey who never was married is an anti-Trumper.

Elizabeth Guernsey is a liberal activist.

Elizabeth Guernsey works for George Soros’s Open Society

George Soros isn’t sending his best.

Elizabeth Guernsey promotes her own tweets.

Elizabeth Guernsey is friends with Terry McMahon.

In fact Elizabeth Guernsey and Terry McMahon are married.

And Elizabeth Guernsey and Terry McMahon have children.

Elizabeth Guernsey is a lying Soros hack.

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