GIULIANI: Robert Mueller May Produce ‘Final Report’ by Labor Day

Robert Mueller is expected to produce his ‘final report’ by Labor Day, Rudy Giuliani told the Washington Times.

Just in time to meddle in the 2018 midterms! 

The Washington Times reported:

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer, says that special counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to avoid a “fishing” expedition by narrowing the subject of questions in an effort to get the president to submit to an interview with the prosecutor.

Mr. Giuliani also says he thinks fired FBI Director James Comey is “not going to be worth anything as a witness” and thus less a threat to the president.

Mr. Giuliani told The Washington Times that Mr. Mueller’s team displayed a “first good faith effort” during a Wednesday meeting that might result in an interview in July and a final Mueller report by Labor Day.

Mueller’s team also concluded this week they cannot indict a sitting president.


Mueller is going to issue a report on his findings around Labor Day to meddle in the elections; the Dems want to impeach President Trump.

The Washington Times is also reporting Mueller has supposedly dropped a few topics he was investigating:

“He’s eliminated a lot of subjects that would have indicated he was fishing,” Mr. Giuliani told The Times on Thursday. “He’s eliminated those and he’s into a much more relevant area where we know the answers and we know the answers really can’t be effectively contradicted.”

He declined to specify what topics have been dropped.

He has contended from the start that there is no evidence of Trump collusion in Russian election interference. The other two major topics: whether the president somehow obstructed justice in the firing of Mr. Comey, a Mueller friend, and whether he might commit perjury in answering questions under oath.

“What I’m telling you none has been agreed to,” he said, putting the chance of an interview at 50-50. He said he could agree to a two to three-hour interview.

Giuliani said Mueller is relying more on perjury or obstruction charges rather than collusion because they have NO EVIDENCE Trump colluded with the Russians.

Furthermore, collusion is not a federal crime; no such crime exists in American statutory law except for in anti-trust matters, says attorney Gregg Jarrett. It has no applications to elections and political campaigns.

President Trump should NEVER agree to a sit-down interview with Mueller.

The Special Counsel hasn’t even named a crime; they simply want to catch the President in a perjury trap.

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