Gaza Terrorist Groups Post ‘Martyrdom’ Photos of Palestinians Killed in Monday’s Riot at Israeli Border

Photos of terrorists killed in Monday’s Gaza riot on the border with Israel were released by Palestinian terrorist groups Tuesday. Over sixty Palestinians were reported killed with over 2,000 injured in unconfirmed reports by Palestinian authorities on the March of Return riots that sought to break through border fences into Israel.

The photos were posted to Twitter by Bild reporter Björn Stritzel. The photos, in three batches, show a total, so far, of fourteen terrorist ‘martyrs’.

“Gaza: Funeral of 27 y/o Mohammed Dwedar, wrapped in a flag with the logo of Kataib al-Qassam, the armed wing of Hamas. Qassam brigades have not officially announced their martyrs yet.”

“Gaza: More martyrdom pictures, this time from Saraya al-Quds, the armed wing of Iran-sponsored Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Three of its members were killed at Khan Younis.”

“Gaza: First martyrdom pictures coming in, ten killed were members of Hamas’ internal security apparatus.”

The IDF posted video of Hamas terrorists using the cover of burning tires to try to breach the border fence.

Will the New York Daily News apologize for their pro-Hamas front page now that the truth is out there?

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