Former CIA Director John Brennan Blames “Messers Trump and Netanyahu” For Deaths of Hamas Supporters in Gaza

In 2010 Barack Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan called Jerusalem “al Quds” in a public speech.

Al Quds is the Muslim name given to Jerusalem.
Watch this nut.

On Monday Brennan lashed out at President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following the deaths of Hamas supporters in Gaza.

Four days ago Hamas terror chief Yahya Sinwar announced what he hoped would be hundreds of thousands of protesters storming the Israeli border with Gaza on Monday.

Former IDF spokesman Avi Mayer posted a tweet reminding readers the violence at the Gaza border Monday was neither spontaneous or popular.

Gaza officials reported 55 “protesters” were killed Monday when they tried to storm the border with Israel.
What did they expect? A welcome wagon?

The Israel Defense Forces released video of Hamas rebels storming the Israeli border with Gaza.

IDF forces opened fire on the attackers as they stormed the border.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended his country’s right to defend its border Monday on Twitter.

Netanyahu tweeted: “Each country must protect its borders. Hamas ‘ terrorist organization states that it intends to destroy Israel and send thousands to breach the border fence to realize this goal. We will continue to act firmly to protect our sovereignty and our citizens.”

Now this…
Obama’s former CIA Director, John Brennan lashed out at “Messers Trump and Netanyahu” Monday. (Shocker)

Brennan tweeted: Deaths in Gaza result of utter disregard of Messers Trump & Netanyahu for Palestinian rights & homeland. By moving Embassy to Jerusalem, Trump played politics, destroyed US peacemaker role. New generation of Israelis/Palestinians need to isolate extremists to find path to peace.

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