Former Asst. Secretary of State: DOJ Should Issue Cease and Desist Order to John Kerry and Suspend His Security Clearance (VIDEO)

Former Assistant Secretary of State Robert Charles joined Trish Regan on The Intelligence Report to discuss John Kerry’s secret policy meetings with the Iranian regime.

John Kerry’s spokesman on Monday confirmed that Kerry was meeting secretly with the Iranians to salvage the controversial nuclear deal.

Israeli officials already have proof that Iran broke the nuclear deal.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released proof last week that Iran was moving ahead with their secret Iranian deal.

Robert Charles: At best it’s a gross indiscretion at worst it’s extreme disloyalty. And it’s hard to get inside John Kerry’s head. I’m not sure I want to be there. He believes he’s doing God’s work out there. This is the same guy that opposed the Vietnam war and called it a war crime… It does raise legal issues and there are two of them right off the top. You mention the Logan Act… The second piece of it is Article 3, Section 3, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution which says you cannot aid or comfort or adhere to the enemy. I think there is probably no country in the world that fits into the definition of a sworn enemy of the United States than Iran… The four things you ought to do right now is the Justice Department ought to issue a cease and desist order and say stop doing this. He’s been for months negotiating with the Foreign Minister of Iran. The second thing I think I’d do is do the same thing Sally Yates did to Mike Flynn. I’d send a few FBI agents over and do a debrief… The third thing I’d do is he has a courtesy clearance that he maintains as Secretary of State former. I think I would suspend that temporarily… The final thing I would do is have the White House Cousel issue some kind of a deterrent letter saying henceforth and forever more we frown on the idea of you going over and encouraging another country to negotiate against the United States.

Via The Intelligence Report:

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