FITTON: New Memo Leak Details Are Further Evidence of FBI Corruption Under Comey ‘This Wasn’t the First Time Leaks Occurred’ (VIDEO)

New details have emerged about Comey’s law professor “friend” Daniel Richman and Tom Fitton says this is just further evidence the FBI was corrupt under Comey’s directorship.

It was reported Thursday that Daniel Richman worked for James Comey for 19 months as a “special government employee.”

Daniel Richman was given talking points about the Hillary Clinton FBI investigation and defended Comey in media interviews without disclosing he reported to the FBI Director.

James Comey never identified Daniel Richman as a man who worked for the FBI during his testimony to the Senate Intel Committee, rather he referred to Richman as a “friend.”

President of Judicial Watch says this is further evidence the FBI was politicized and corrupt under Comey’s watch.

Fitton also suggests given this peculiar dynamic between Comey and Richman, he believes Comey’s memo leaks wasn’t the first time the Fired FBI Director leaked to the media.

“You can bet that given Richman’s role at the FBI and [he and Comey’s] close relationship that this wasn’t the first time that leaks like this occurred,” Fitton said.



Comey went on a lying spree with Fox News’ Bret Baier last Thursday night then named the THREE people who he gave his classified Trump memos to.

Bret Baier asked Comey if he had written permission from the FBI to hand over contents of his memos to other people.

“No, and I didn’t consider it a part of an FBI file…it was my personal memoir,” Comey said of his classified memos.

Comey continued to say that he thought of his memos as a diary.

Bret Baier then asked Comey who else he gave (leaked) the memos to.

“I gave the memos to my legal team after I gave them to Dan Richman after I asked him to get it out to the media–I gave 4 memos to my legal team, which included Patrick Fitzgerald” Comey said.

Comey answered in the affirmative when Bret Baier asked him if Fitzgerald was a part of his legal team at the time he gave him the memos.

Comey insists giving the memos to Richman to then leak to the New York Times is not technically considered a leak because they weren’t classified.

At this point he’s desperate to spin his criminal behavior any which way; Comey is just making up the rules as he goes.

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