FIGHTING FAKE NEWS: Trump Campaign Launches MSM “Accountability Survey” Against “Liberal Propaganda Machine”

The Trump campaign has quietly rolled out a “Mainstream Media Accountability Survey” to it’s millions of email subscribers.

This survey should come as a surprise to no one as the President has made his distain to the MSM clear to all Americans; which makes sense, after all we currently have reporters such as Don Lemon claiming that it’s their moral “obligation” to attack the President and claim he’s a racist.

The questionnaire, which you can take for yourself here, is very straight forward with questions such as:

  • On which issues does the mainstream media do the worst job of representing President Trump?
  • Do you believe the media fails to report on Democrats’ scandals?

Most of the questions are easy to answer, albeit frustrating – after all the MSM has done an immense disservice to the American public. To progress from fawning over Obama to continuously attacking President Trump on basis accusations is more than transparent – it’s bad for America.

Take the full survey here.


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