Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Project Veritas After Teachers Union Tries to Prevent O’Keefe From Releasing Undercover Video – NEW RELEASE TOMORROW

A federal judge ruled in favor of Project Veritas on Tuesday after a teachers union tried to prevent O’Keefe from releasing a damning undercover video.

The American Federation of Teachers of Michigan took Project Veritas to court last Friday to prevent him from releasing the undercover video he has on their staff.

Randi Weingarten, president of AFT is terrified of O’Keefe.

She should be. Project Veritas just busted a New Jersey teachers union for covering up abuse of students by teachers.

Two New Jersey teachers union presidents were subsequently suspended thanks to O’Keefe.

Via Project Veritas:

On Friday, AFT Michigan initiated an emergency motion for a Temporary Restraining Order against Project Veritas to halt the release of an investigative report.

This was their second failed attempt to deny First Amendment rights to the investigative journalism organization.

Randi Weingarten, President of AFT wrote about the hearing yesterday in a tweet:


Project Veritas founder and president James O’Keefe said, upon hearing the news:

“We are excited for this First Amendment victory –journalists everywhere should be disturbed by AFT’s flippant disregard for our law and our Constitution.

“Why exactly did Randi Weingarten and Michigan AFT work so hard, using legal threats and ad-hominem attacks, to protect a wrongdoer and silence us at the expense of parents and families who deserve to know what’s really going on in teachers union’s offices?”

James O’Keefe taunted the Michigan AFT from his Twitter account with a teaser video stating Project Veritas will be releasing part one of their series Wednesday.

Stay tuned. The Gateway Pundit will be covering this bombshell undercover video of Michigan AFT staffers as soon as it is released Wednesday. 

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