Eric Holder Takes a Shot at Giuliani For “Stormtroopers” Comment – Calls FBI Agents Who Raided Michael Cohen’s Home “Patriots”

Eric ‘Fast and Furious’ Holder lashed out at Rudy Giuliani for calling rogue FBI agents in New York City who raided Michael Cohen’s home “stormtroopers.”

Holder then called the raiders “patriots.”

Of course he did.

Trump attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Sean Hannity Wednesday to discuss the Trump presidency and Mueller witch hunt.

Giuliani tripped rogue New York FBI agents for raiding Michael Cohen’s home and office to look for Stormy Daniels dirt, calling FBI agents “stormtroopers.”

Giuliani said, “The settlement payment, which is a very regular thing for lawyers to do. The question there was, the only possible violation there would be: Was it a campaign finance violation? Which usually results in a fine, by the way, not this big stormtroopers coming in and breaking down his apartment and breaking down his office.”

The corrupt former Attorney General who was held in criminal contempt, Eric Holder lashed out at Giuliani for his “stormtroopers” comment.

Holder then called the FBI raiders “patriots.”

As if Eric Holder knows what true patriotism is…

Holder tweeted: Former United States Attorney Giuliani essentially called FBI agents “stormtroopers”. People he worked with and to whom he owes much of his success. The 82nd Attorney General of the United States – me – calls them what they actually are: patriots.

The internet responded.

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