Elites at Chamber of Commerce Warn Trump’s Pro-American Trade Policies Will Threaten 2.6 Million US Jobs


The Chamber of Commerce released a report on Thursday warning that President Trump’s pro-American trade policies will threaten 2.6 million US jobs.

President Trump is considering tariffs on US allies who do not do enough to help protect American workers.

The Trump administration announced Thursday it will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Europe, Mexico and Canada after failing to win concessions from the American allies.


The Chamber of Commerce, who opposed President Trump during the election, says Trump’s tariff plan will end US jobs and not help create jobs.
WSJ.com reported:

The Trump administration’s trade policies will hamstring the U.S.’s robust economic growth and threaten as many as 2.6 million jobs, according to a memo from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s top official on Thursday.

The memo—from Tom Donohue, the chamber’s chief executive, to his board of directors—followed news Thursday morning that President Donald Trump’s administration would make good on threats to apply tariffs to steel and aluminum imports from neighbors and allies, including Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

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