Dutch Politician Geert Wilders Comes to Defense of Jailed UK Activist Tommy Robinson: “Come to Your Senses United Kingdom!”

UK activist Tommy Robinson was arrested on Friday for suspicion of breaching the peace while livestreaming a report on the trial of a  child grooming gang. He was immediately sentenced to serve 13 months in prison.

Friends and supporters of Robinson, 35, are asserting that his notoriety and stance on Islam places his life in great danger in prison.

According to UK independent reporter Caolan Robertson, Robinson was arrested outside the Leeds Crown Court where ten men are on trial for offenses including child rape, trafficking, and supply of class A drugs to children.


For this Tommy Robinson was jailed for 13 months on Friday.

But the news is spreading about Robinson’s arrest…

Geert Wilders with US activist Pamela Geller

Dutch politician Geert Wilders came to Tommy’s defense on Friday.

Geert, who has been threatened by violent Islamists for several years, called on the UK to “come to your senses” and release Tommy before he is murdered in prison.

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