Drunk Illegal Alien Barrels Down Exit Ramp, Slams into Car, Smashes into Tree and Now Is Back out on the Street Again

A St. Louis man was nearly killed by a drunk illegal alien this weekend. He was waiting at a stop sign in west St. Louis County when the illegal flew down the exit ramp and nearly killed him.

Here is his harrowing story:

This is a photo from Highway 100 at Highway T on Saturday. A drunk driver flew down the exit lane and over the cement divider in the background. He went between the taller street sign and smaller pylons. Some pylons were taken out. The car went across T over the stop line and then over the cement divider in the foreground missing the stop sign but taking out more pylons. You can about imagine the trajectory with a speed likely at 60 mph.

I was at that stop sign. Sitting at rest behind the white line. I feel like Jules from Pulp Fiction in writing to you as somehow he escaped death and called it “divine intervention “.

Fortunately I stopped short of the line and he hit the front of my car just in front of the wheel. The front foot of the car was ripped off as he continued into the ravine and hit a tree and turned into a fireball. My car rotated from the collision but if he was three or four feet to his right or if I was at the stop line he would have gone right through my door and me. Looking at this picture I still don’t how it “missed” me. He was pulled from his car without obvious injury.

The driver is an undocumented immigrant without license or insurance and was sloppy drunk. He was arrested and taken to county where ICE was notified. They held him the mandatory 4 hours and was released with a court date in 3 weeks which he will likely not attend. He will likely not be seen in St Louis anymore according to police and likely not found anywhere. This is our current immigration system. He could have killed me and never be seen again. Kate’s Law almost had a counterpart *****’s Law in Missouri.

My neck and back are sore but my American spirit is damaged. I wish Pelosi had been riding shotgun with me to experience firsthand the lack of accountability when you have undocumented people on your roads. While this could have been a drunk local businessmen, it wasn’t. It was one more accident that shouldn’t have happened and one more near fatality that shouldn’t have happened. One more family that shouldn’t have been affected.

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