Donald Trump Jr: Tommy Robinson’s Imprisonment is Reason #1776 for the Original Brexit

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the imprisonment of activist and independent journalist Tommy Robinson on Sunday, referring to it as “reason #1776 for the original Brexit.”

The son of the president warned not to let America follow in the UK’s footsteps.

Robinson, 35, was arrested on Friday for suspicion of breaching the peace while livestreaming to report on the trial of a child grooming gang and is now serving 13 months in prison due to a previous suspended sentence in a similar offense.

Trump Jr. was quoting a tweet from Kurt Schlichter in which he warned that there are people who want the UK’s Orwellian political persecution to be happening in the United States.

German conservative MP Petr Bystron announced on Sunday that he is offering the political prisoner asylum.

The UK government had attempted to silence any conversation about his situation by issuing restrictions against the press covering the case at all. Unfortunately for their plan, they cannot control social media and the attempted silencing appears to have had a Streisand Effect.

Robinson was arrested outside the Leeds Crown Court as he was covering the trial of 29 men for offenses including child rape, trafficking, and supply of Class A drugs to children.

Supporters of Robinson immediately called for a protest and hundreds of people flooded Downing St. to demand his release on Saturday.

Robinson is heavily focused on Islamic extremism and has had several run-ins with law enforcement over his live streaming. His suspended sentence stems from an arrest last year for contempt of court after trying to film Muslims who had been accused of pedophilia outside a court in Canterbury.



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