Donald Trump Jr. on Leaker Adam Schiff: “I Think He’s Got Some Soul Searching to Do” (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Jr. went on with Jesse Watters on Saturday night. This comes after the Senate Judiciary Committee released more than 1,800 pages of transcripts on Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney at the Trump Tower in June 2016.

The documents offer more proof that Don Jr.’s account of the meeting – that Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya used the opportunity to lobby against the Magnitsky Act, prompting Trump, who had been promised dirt on Hillary Clinton, to end the meeting after 20 minutes – was, in fact, what happened.

This also comes after The New York Times reported the FBI opened an investigation dubbed “Crossfire Hurricane” into Trump’s campaign 100 days before the Presidential election.

The FBI was spying on the opposition party’s campaign 100 days before the election. The spying was based on a phony Russian dossier that was paid for by Democrats and Hillary Clinton and by the hearsay of a low-level Trump campaign official who was coached by FBI operatives on Russian rumors.


And the FBI informant used thousands of dollars to entice Trump campaign official Papadopoulos to London to set up meetings.

Don Jr. had this to say on leaker Adam Schiff: “I think he’s got some soul-searching to do. Look 99% of intelligent people believe he’s the person leaking this.”

Via Watters’ World:

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