Don Jr. Takes a Swipe at Obama in Viral Tweet After Five ‘Most Wanted’ ISIS Leaders Captured

President Trump celebrated the capture of the five ‘most wanted’ leaders of ISIS Friday morning, including top aide to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The ISIS leaders were lured into a trap by Iraqi agents with a cell phone app.

President Trump promised to obliterate ISIS and he has delivered.

A couple months into Trump’s presidency, our military dropped a MOAB on a network of ISIS tunnels in Nangarhar Province where a Green Beret had been killed the previous weekend.

The 21,000 pound MOAB or “Mother Of All Bombs” is the largest non-nuclear bomb in the US arsenal.

ISIS has been reduced to a fraction of what it was under Obama because Trump is actually letting our military do what they do best-kill the enemy.

President Trump fired off a celebratory tweet:

Donald Trump Jr. took a shot at Obama in response to his father’s celebratory tweet.

“I have a strange suspicion that we’re not going to give these guys back. #winning” Don Jr. said in a viral tweet.

Obama released countless Islamic terrorists from Gitmo during his presidency; hundreds returned to the battle field to commit jihad. 

Here is a partial list of Gitmo detainees who have returned to terror:
** Gitmo Detainees Re-Arrested in Russia 
** Former Gitmo Prisoner Arrested for Terrorism in Moscow 
** Three Former Gitmo Detainees Held in Morocco 
** Former Gitmo Inmate Involved in Russian Terror Attack on Nalchik
** Former Gitmo Detainee Re-Arrested in Pakistan 
** Seven Percent of Gitmo Detainees Return to Battlefield.
** Former Club Gitmo Detainee Carries Out Suicide Mission in Iraq 
** Pentagon: 61 Gitmo Grads Returned to Terror 
** Former “Rehabilitated” Gitmo Detainee Becomes Al-Qaeda Chief 
** 2 Former “Rehabilitated” Gitmo Grads Appear in Al-Qaeda Movie 
** 11 Former “Rehabilitated” Gitmo Grads Back On Saudi Most Wanted List 
** American Teenager Murdered By Former Gitmo Detainee 
** Breaking: Taliban’s Top Officer in Southern Afghanistan Is Former Gitmo Detainee 
** Former Gitmo Detainee Leads Fight Against US Troops
** Another Former “Rehabilitated” Gitmo Detainee Killed in Shootout
** Former Gitmo Detainee Now Al Qaeda “Spiritual Leader”
** Former Gitmo Detainees Lead Yemeni Al-Qaeda Group Linked to Detroit Bomber
** Former Gitmo Detainee Leads Insurgency in Southern Afghanistan
** Thanks Barack… Another Gitmo Detainee Returns to the Fold
** 25 Former Gitmo Detainees From Saudi Arabia Return to Life of Terror
** ONE WEEK AFTER PARIS TERROR ATTACKS – Obama Releases Five More Gitmo Detainees
** Former Gitmo Terrorist Arrested in Uganda; Suspect in Prosecutor’s Shooting Death
** Two more Gitmo detainees arrested in terror raid in Belgium
** Former Gitmo Detainee Now an Al-Qaeda Leader in Yemen

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