DNC Affiliates Attempt Takedown Of Roger Stone & President Trump’s Attorneys

Guest Post by Jacob Engels:

Roger Stone’s attorneys and the attorneys for The Donald J. Trump for President campaign will be arguing their respective motions to dismiss the lawsuit filed against them regarding the alleged hack of the DNC computers this Thursday in D.C. District Court.

This suit is not the suit brought by the DNC itself, but rather, the suit brought by three disgruntled individuals associated with the DNC. Plaintiffs claim that Stone harmed them by conspiring with others to publish the information that WikiLeaks had already posted. Plaintiffs do not claim that Stone himself participated in the hack; rather, they claim that the mere dissemination of the information, after WikiLeaks had already published it, harmed them.  Plaintiffs seek, in other words, to hold Stone liable for speech. Not for false speech, not defamatory speech, and not for threatening speech, but for truthful speech uttered in the course of a presidential campaign.

This case is nothing more than a group, self admittedly, of liberal attorneys  (see https://unitedtoprotectdemocracy.org/about/) still smarting that their preferred candidate for president lost the election. They went in search of plaintiffs to hold someone responsible. The group purporting to represent these hand-picked plaintiffs is a group with an agenda.

This is a very important First Amendment case that is a 21st Century version of the Pentagon Papers and what the New York Times and the Washington Post did before the internet.

In the motions to be argued, Stone’s team attacked the failure to plead a conspiracy and the failure to plead civil rights violations.  Additionally, Stone’s attorneys challenged the Court’s subject matter jurisdiction, plaintiffs’ lack of standing, the lack of diversity jurisdiction, lack of the Court to have personal jurisdiction over Mr. Stone, and improper venue.




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