Disgusting! NY Daily News on First Daughter Ivanka Trump: “Daddy’s Little Ghoul”

The New York Daily News has been a leading Trump critic since his run for president began in 2015.

It’s safe to say The Daily News HATES President Trump.

The Daily News hates Trump and mocks President Trump regularly.


But today’s cover went too far.

On Monday First Daughter Ivanka Trump was in Israel to open the US Embassy in Jerusalem.
Miles away in Gaza Hamas supporters stormed the Israeli border. 60 Hamas supporters were reportedly killed.

Ivanka Trump had no way of knowing this was happening at the Gaza-Israel border.

But the Daily News trashed the First Daughter anyway.
This cover reached a new low for the leftist rag.

This was really disgusting.

Remember: These are the same people attacking the Trump administration for a comment made at a closed meeting with White House officials about John McCain.
They are total hypocrites.

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