#DayForFreedom Attendee Violently Attacked With Bike Lock By Antifa

An attendee of the #DayForFreedom free speech event in London on Sunday was violently attacked with a bike lock by Antifa.


Charlie Nash from Breitbart witnessed the aftermath of the assault and is now being threatened by Antifa on Twitter.

“Everyone was enjoying themselves and having a drink at a pub when we noticed a guy walk through the crowd outside covered in blood,” Nash told the Gateway Pundit. “He told us that he had been assaulted with a bike lock by some Antifa guys and was then rushed into the back of the pub where his wounds were covered up. An ambulance and the police came pretty fast and he was taken away to the hospital.”

Nash told Gateway Pundit that Antifa members had been hiding around Whitehall near the pubs “waiting for people to be on their own for a moment.”

“Then they would strike and be gone before you’d realize,” Nash added.


The victim, who has not yet been publicly identified, was wearing a hat, though Nash cannot remember if it was political.

“In most of these attacks the victims are usually identified before in some way, whether they’re spotted talking to others wearing MAGA hats, or spotted at a political event, or are wearing political clothing themselves,” Nash said.

Since posting about the assault, Nash has received threats on Twitter saying that they know where he is and that they will have “spotters” all over London following him tomorrow.


Thousands attended the rally which featured speakers such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Tommy Robinson and YouTuber Mark Meechan – best known as Count Dankula. Lauren Southern, who was recently banned from the UK for mocking Islam also gave a speech through a remote video feed.


The Anti-Fascist Student Network (AFSN) had organized a counter rally to oppose the free speech event, which lead to multiple assaults and fights.

The potentially deadly bike lock tactic has been used by Antifa in the past.

In 2017, a former professor was arrested for hitting a Trump supporter on the head with a bike lock during a free speech rally on the University of California Berkeley campus in April. Eric Clanton, formerly of Diablo Valley College, had shown up to the event in black bloc attire including most of his face being covered. His identity was unknown until the messageboard 4chan tracked him down.


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