David Hogg Slams Oliver North for Blaming Drugs on School Shootings, Accuses NRA Head of Bringing Cocaine to US

Parkland gun control activist David Hogg blasted incoming NRA President Oliver North’s comments attributing pharmaceutical drugs for school shootings.

North argued on Fox News Sunday that a “culture of violence” and Ritalin are the root cause for school shootings such as the one in Santa Fe Friday, not the proliferation of weapons.

“We’re trying like the dickens to treat the symptoms without treating the disease,” North told Fox News host Chris Wallace. “The disease in this case isn’t the Second Amendment. The disease is youngsters who are steeped in a culture of violence.”

Administering children chemicals that affect their brain or function might, over time, result in detrimental behavioral changes, the newly-minted president of the NRA lamented.

“They’ve been drugged in many cases,” he said. “Nearly all of these perpetrators are male. … Many of these young boys have been on Ritalin since they were in kindergarten.”

Over the last 20 years, the perpetrators of nearly all the deadliest mass shooting in the United States have shared one of two traits: Besides killing innocents with firearms, they either were Muslims or were using mind-altering psychiatric drugs.

Moms Demand Action Founder Shannon Watts slammed North’s assessment.

“American teens watch the same movies and play the same video games as their peers in other high-income countries,” Watts tweeted. “What’s different? They have easy access to arsenals and ammo.”

Firing back on North’s drugged claims, Hogg, responding to Watts’ tweet, accusing the NRA head of aiding and abetting the trafficking of cocaine into the United States in the 1980’s during the Iran-Contra scandal.


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