Cultural Enrichment: Historic Athens Park Turned into Unsanitary Hellhole by Migrants

Migrants in Athens have turned the historic Pedion tou Areos park into an unsanitary hellhole.

Authorities are blocking off the park once a week by police to clean the park of waste, syringes and broken glass pipes.

Voice of Europe reported:

Pedion tou Areos is one of the most famous parks in Athens. It is situated near the National Archaeological Museum and thousands of Greeks, as well as tourists, used to have walks inside it.

Unfortunately, we have to use the phrase “used to“ here, as this happened a long time ago. The situation of the park nowadays is gruesome, Greece’s Skai news reports.

Today we find the largest drug trafficking area in the capital formed by a hierarchical circle of Afghan and Pakistani traders. These attract numerous drug addicts, among them homeless people living in extreme conditions…

…Police trucks and patrol cars arrive at the scene and the armed men enter and patrol inside the park. After this, the cleaning services start their work. What they find is outrageous. The pictures speak for themselves. There is all kinds of waste, used syringes, broken glass pipes to name just a few. After the clean up, the services and the police leave.

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