CREEPY! New York Magazine Reporter Enters Corey Lewandowski’s Home – Posts Photo on Twitter – Album Goes Missing

Today’s liberal mainstream media – Crazy and Criminal

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is suing the New York Magazine after its reporter entered his home when no one was there and took photos and allegedly stole his picture book.

Liberal reporter Olivia Nuzzi admitted she entered Corey’s home without permission — after she knocked for 10 minutes and no one came to the door.

Jonathan reported:


Nuzzi said that she was doing a story on former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks and entered the home after knocking for ten minutes. She recounted to the Columbia Journalism Review: “I tried to knock on the basement door, but the gate wasn’t open. Then I walked up the steps to the main door and knocked for, like, 10 minutes. And I’m knocking, knocking, nobody’s answering. But after a while, I just touched the door knob, and the door was open. I walked in and I’m in the house, by myself.” It was an incredible decision and she admits to talking a picture inside the house of a wall with a scroll reading “The wilderness shall blossom as the rose.”

Nuzzi even tweeted out a picture from inside Corey’s home.

Corey noticed a photo album was missing after Nuzzi had been inside his home.

The liberal media is becoming more unhinged by the day.

Corey went on with Martha MacCallum and discussed the criminal actions by the liberal reporter.

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