Chuck Schumer DRAGGED On Twitter For Comparing “All Our Great-Great Grandparents” To MS-13 Gang Members

The left is really doubling down on the false reporting of Trump’s “animals” comment referencing the violent MS-13 gang.

As previously reported by TGP: NBC News icon Andrea Mitchell led the media-Democrat hit job on President Donald Trump over remarks he made about deporting illegal immigrant gang members, calling them “animals” when he was asked about MS-13 at an illegal immigration roundtable at the White House Wednesday. Mitchell and others falsely said Trump called all immigrants ‘animals’, with several equating Trump to Hitler.

 Well, despite EVEN the left-leaning AP deleting their “animals” tweet, Schumer is doubling down. Of course. This time, hilariously comparing all of our “great-great-grandparents” to MS-13 gang members. Twitter is not having it.

You can probably already see where this is going…


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