Celebrate Happy National Armed Forces Day with America’s Most Epic Moments of Force

Our nation’s birth and survival has fallen upon the shoulders of patriotic men and women who serve their country with dignity and honor  and have put everything on the line to keep our country free.

Armed Forces Day is recognized each year on the third Saturday in May.

Today, on this #ArmedForcesDay, we honor the men and women who serve this great country, past and present — the greatest Armed Services in the history of humankind.


In a statement Friday, President Trump announced the holiday and thanked service members who have devoted their lives to protecting American liberties.

Armed Forces Day was created in 1949 to honor those who wear the uniform of our nation.

The first official Armed Forces Day was on May 20, 1950, to replace separate events to honor the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force. The theme of the first Armed Services Day was “Teamed for Defense.”

The single day celebration stemmed from the unification of the armed forces under the Department of Defense.

People are encouraged to wear red, white and blue, fly the American flag and the time to thank military members in the area.


Make sure that you continue this 68 year tradition by reaching out and thanking a military service member.


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