Anarchists Riot and Trash Cities Across the Globe on May Day (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

Chaotic images of rioting, violence and looting were posted to social media from all over the globe on Tuesday as anarchists celebrated May Day, or International Workers’ Day.

Malmo, Sweden

Violence broke out in France, Sweden, Honduras, Greece, Turkey and many other places as police clashed with the anarchists.

The annual marches began in 1886 when more than 300,000 people in the United States ditched work to protest in favor of an eight-hour work day, a battle that had began two years earlier.

Two days after the May Day strike, police fired upon another protest at a Chicago factory and killed four people. The next day people gathered in Haymarket Square to protest the killings.

When officers arrived and began to disperse the crowd, a bomb was thrown at the police — killing one immediately.  Seven more died from injuries over the following weeks.

In response to the bombing, police began firing into the crowd of protesters, killing several people and wounding up to forty others.

Eight anarchists were convicted of murder for the bombings, though they maintained their innocence. Four of the men were hanged and another took his own life by placing an explosive in his mouth. The remaining three were pardoned six years later.

Now, every year on May 1, unions and anarchists worldwide gather to cause mayhem and havoc in the the streets.


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