8 Illegal Aliens From Migrant Caravan Have Been Allowed to Apply For Asylum

As of Tuesday, at least 8 members of the illegal alien caravan have been allowed to apply for asylum.

Hundreds of illegal migrants from Central America assembled in Tijuana, Mexico on Sunday preparing to cross into the United States.

Dozens of illegals climbed the border fence in Tijuana, sat on top of the fence and taunted US officials in San Diego.

The illegals were chanting, “Si Se Puede!” (Yes we can!) as they prepared to walk into US.

On Monday a caravan lawyer demanded the US take in the illegal immigrants.

8 illegal aliens have applied for asylum. This is a signal to the third world to send another caravan of illegal aliens marching up to the US-Mexico border because they will get their way.

Fox News reported:

At least eight members of the controversial migrant caravan have been allowed to apply for asylum, organizers said.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials initially said the registration site was “at capacity.” But a few members of the group were admitted Monday night into the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

The federal agency has not confirmed how many were being interviewed by asylum officers.

According to embedded Buzzfeed reporter, Adolfo Flores, approximately 600 migrants reached the US-Mexico border.

The fake news media always shows the few women and children of the caravan to argue we should allow these poor helpless refugees into the US.

The videos of the illegal alien caravan show an army of military-aged males actually make up the majority of the migrants.

None of the migrants should be granted asylum; they should be rejected at the border. Anyone illegally crossing over the border should be arrested and permanently barred from ever receiving US citizenship.

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