22 Portland Police Cars Vandalized On Eve Of May Day

Hoodlums most likely associated with “antifa” and other violent leftist organizations have dumped gobs of paint all over at least 22 Portland police cars overnight. This was on the eve of May Day, the traditional “workers” holiday, where communist mobs take to the streets to protest all of the usual wacked out stuff, which often times devolve into full blown riots.

Sgt. Andrew Edgecomb spoke to KOIN6 news, saying “This is North Precinct, this is our parking lot, where, obviously, we keep our patrol cars. Some time in the last couple of hours one or more individuals came through and poured white paint on 22 of the patrol cars. Didn’t really do any major damage, other than just causing a lot of inconvenience for our civilian staff who maintain the cars. It is very frustrating. This was not a well thought out plan. Looks like someone just out messing around.”

Of course this is what happens when you have a city where the police help rioters shut down the city, DA’s refuse to prosecute most crimes of vandalism and auto theft, and the mayor rewards people who threaten him and his family by placating to their wishes.

2017’s edition of the May Day protest turned into a riot, as windows were smashed, trash cans were light on fire in the street, and police arrested 25 people, though most of them were released and had their charges dropped the next day.



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