WikiLeaks Seeks Donations to Counter-Sue the DNC: ‘Discovery Will Be Amazing Fun’

WikiLeaks has announced that they are seeking donations so that they can counter-sue the Democratic National Committee, saying that discovery is going to be “amazing fun.”

“Help us counter-sue. We’ve never lost a publishing case and discovery is going to be amazing fun,” WikiLeaks tweeted, along with the link to donate.

Trump has shared a similar sentiment about being excited for discovery, specifically the server that the Democrats have previously refused to turn over to the FBI.

On Friday, it was announced that the DNC is suing the Trump campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks. The Democratic Party blames WikiLeaks for exposing their wrongdoing and causing them to lose.

WikiLeaks had responded to the lawsuit on Twitter earlier in the day by asserting that their publications are constitutionally protected.

“DNC already has a moribund publicity lawsuit which the press has became bored of–hence the need to refile it as a ‘new’ suit before mid-terms. As an accurate publisher of newsworthy information WikiLeaks is constitutionally protected from such suits,” the official WikiLeaks account tweeted.

In a second tweet, they added that the “DNC is suing WikiLeaks for spectacularly revealing that the DNC rigged its primaries on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The DNC was so corrupt that five of its officers, including its president, were forced to resign.”

WikiLeaks also posted the full text of the lawsuit and linked to a Gateway Pundit article in which we covered a previous filing by Trump’s campaign lawyers in which they explained that WikiLeaks publications are protected under the First Amendment — even if they came from Russia. WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has long maintained that they did not.



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