Weasel Comey Names the THREE People He Gave His Classified Trump Memos To (VIDEO)

Fired FBI Director James Comey went on with Bret Baier on Special Report on Thursday to discuss his new book.

Comey went on a lying spree Thursday night then named the THREE people who he gave his classified Trump memos to.

Bret Baier asked Comey if he had written permission from the FBI to hand over contents of his memos to other people.

“No, and I didn’t consider it a part of an FBI file…it was my personal memoir,” Comey said of his classified memos.

Comey continued to say that he thought of his memos as a diary.

Bret Baier then asked Comey who else he gave (leaked) the memos to.

“I gave the memos to my legal team after I gave them to Dan Richman after I asked him to get it out to the media–I gave 4 memos to my legal team, which included Patrick Fitzgerald” Comey said.

Comey answered in the affirmative when Bret Baier asked him if Fitzgerald was a part of his legal team at the time he gave him the memos.

Comey then named the other man he gave the memos to–David Kelly.

It was just revealed that Comey’s ‘good friend’ Daniel Richman was also working for the FBI as a special government employee–a fun fact that Comey conveniently left out in his testimony.

Comey is a leaker, a liar and a weasel. LOCK HIM UP!

Notice how triggered Comey gets when Bret Baier considers what he did by giving his friends classified memos as “leaks.”


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